Willys Jeep Belly Pan Skidplate in 1/4" AR400 Material

Willys Jeep Belly Pan Skidplate in 1/4" AR400 Material

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Are you ready to stop bending your thin stock belly pan skidplate every time you get your Jeep out in the rocks? This new unit, constructed of AR400 1/4" steel plate, is not only thicker than stock, but is over 3x as strong as the original mild steel used in the factory part. The AR400 plate is incredibly durable with a very wear resistant surface. This material typically just 'glides' over rocks without gouging.

These skid-plates are cut on an industrial CNC laser with proper material grain orientation. This allows the AR400 plate to be CNC bent using the proper radius to prevent cracking, while closely replicate the shape of the stock part.

Due to the difficultly of forming this AR400 material, there have been a few small design changes. Please read through the following notes.

-This design is based on the 'simple' early CJ2A design without all the additional holes in the bottom. This makes it more durable and limits the snag points. This design will fit CJ2-3 and early CJ5 that used a similar part.

-One square hole had to be eliminated on the front flange to facilitate the large radius bending used with the AR400 material.

-The rear flange profile has been changed slightly from stock to make it slightly longer to fit the large die used for bending this AR400 material

-The bolt pattern around the transfer case drain hole is no longer stock. There will be the option for a small additional skidplate to cover the emergency brake drum that uses this new bolt pattern.

-This AR400 material is generally too hard to drill using any commonly available tools. If any modifications are needed for your particular build, it is best to use abrasive cutting/grinding or a plasma cutter.

Hardware included-

Qty- 4, High Strength Grade 8 Steel-Square-Neck Carriage Bolts, 3/8-16 x 1 1/4 long

Qty- 4, Grade 8 Flat Washer, Thick, 3/8

Qty- 4, Grade 8 Steel, Nylon Insert, Locknut, 3/8-16


This product is sold in a raw bare steel finish

This is a legacy grade product that should follow your classic Jeep long into the future. This skidplate will be be stronger than your factory transmission cross-member. Stay tuned for our new heavy duty replacement due out soon along with the E-brake drum skidplate mentioned above.