Tauler Jack Upgraded Foot
Tauler Jack Upgraded Foot
Tauler Jack Upgraded Foot
Tauler Jack Upgraded Foot
Tauler Jack Upgraded Foot

Tauler Jack Upgraded Foot

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Note: This is an introductory small batch run and price. If the initial launch sales volume exceeds the product on hand, there may be an increased lead time until I have a stable supply of parts on hand. As a small business, it is always challenging to guess what sales volume will be. 

Here is the Tauler Jack upgrade that was most asked for over the last year, an upgraded foot assembly to provide increased grip on a variety of surfaces along with more compact storage options. 

This is a simple DIY U-weld kit provided in 3/16" thick HRPO laser cut steel in a similar fashion to the Tauler Jack. It is designed to tab and slot together for easy alignment of all the integrated features and easy welding. It is designed to re-use the factory stem tube from your original jack after removing the factory foot. 


-This unit is designed to provide multiple surfaces from smooth to aggressive which allow the Tauler Jack to be operated in adverse conditions. Please scroll through the pictures above to see a sample of the various configurations available. 

-The large radius edges one of the short and large sides are intended to help when using the Tauler Jack to break a bead on a tire. 

-The serrated edge is included to be used with the foot in a vertical position on ice or rock to provide maximum grip in hard slick conditions. 

-The short radius cutout is designed to allow the Tauler Jack to be mounted closer to a roll cage tube. 

-There is a companion 'clamping' section that will allow the Tauler Jack to be used as a trail vise with some other small modifications in any 2" trailer hitch ( More details on this in the near future, but I bet many people figure this out before I can even release a tutorial ) 

-The keyhole is included to support pulling/winching operations in the future. Note: Do not try to winch with your Tauler Jack without internal modifications to increase the strength. The limiting factor in factory form is a small shear pin that retains the bevel gear to the main jack acme screw.  

-There is a 4x4-3/8"dia mounting pattern on the base plate to allow attaching the base to an even larger base plate for very soft sand or snow. 

Assembly Notes-

-This is for the 2.25" version of the Tauler Jack only at this time ( please drop a note if you would like to see this in a 2.5" version ) 

-This kit uses a normal 5/8" diameter hitch pin for the attachment of the foot to the stem. This requires drilling out the stem tube to match with a 21/32nd drill bit ( not included ). I recommend using something like the MasterLock 1465DAT pin, available at many local retainers or online at vendors like Amazon. 

-The small holes in the brace plates can be tapped to 1/4-20 to help support optional clamping and pulling operations in the future. I highly suggest doing this BEFORE welding the kit together. 

-The end of the stem tube will need to be trimmed slightly to allow using the outer additional pin locations. I recommend carefully trimming the stem tube to fit while test fitting after welding the kit together for the best fit. 

-The base kit is to be 3-way welded in the outer pockets only. Welding the inside locations will cause interference with the stem tube. For additional strength the tab and slot connections on the bottom ( smooth surface ) of the base plate can also be welded, but I feel this introduces a bit more pulling in the assembly that may make the bottom bow slightly. 

-The tapered ends of the large brace plates are intended to go towards the serrated edge of the base plate to allow more clearance when using that edge on icy surfaces in the vertical position. 

-These parts are provided in a raw steel finish directly off the laser table. There may be small amounts of cutting dross in some features that need to removed prior to fitting and welding. HRPO steel has a light oil coating that should also be cleaned off prior to welding and painting. 

Kit contents- 

1x Base Plate - 3/16" HRPO Steel, Laser Cut

2x Small Brace Plate - 3/16" HRPO Steel, Laser Cut

2x Large Brace Plate - 3/16" HRPO Steel, Laser Cut