HiLo Belleview/Warn Winch Mounting Plate with Guard
HiLo Belleview/Warn Winch Mounting Plate with Guard
HiLo Belleview/Warn Winch Mounting Plate with Guard
HiLo Belleview/Warn Winch Mounting Plate with Guard
HiLo Belleview/Warn Winch Mounting Plate with Guard

HiLo Belleview/Warn Winch Mounting Plate with Guard

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Note: Batch One sold out. Batch two pending. Mid-May delivery from Laser. One change. Angle of lower skidplate changed from 10 degree to 5 degree to give slightly more clearance on a stock jeep install with the hawse under the stock bumper. 

A universal winch mounting plate kit ( with a lower skidplate guard ) for your classic warn winch. This mounting plate is designed to be welded to the back of a rectangle tube or channel style front bumper on early vehicles.

This kit is laser cut from 3/16" HRPO steel and shipped to you flat-pack style.


This package is for classic Belleview and Warn winches with the 6-bolt forward facing mounting pattern. There is a 7th hole in the plate in order to use a normal hawse/roller package with 10" bolt spacing. This kit will not fit the later 8274 winch design, but please let us know if you need one! 

Traditionally, the hawse on classic Belleview/Warn upright winches is mounted on the lower side of the drum. When mounted low below the bumper, this can expose the hawse to some potential damage. This kit can also be assembled to run the winch line off the top of the drum to position the hawse up out of harms way on top of the bumper. In order to make this work, the winch needs to spin the opposite direction. One big advantage to Belleview and early Warn winches is that the drum brake system doesn't care which direction is 'in' unlike the later 8200 and 8274 Warn winch with a ratchet brake. Belleview ( and early Warn) winches traditionally are power-in only and under-wound on the drum. With the addition of a bi-directional winch motor (also available here) the 'in' direction can be reversed. You also get the added bonus of being able to power out the line which is an amazing addition to any classic upright winch in itself!

While this winch plate can be welded to the back of most any flat surface, I suggest using 2x3x3/16" material. With the 3" tall material, the winch mounting bolts do not need to go through the face of the bumper. If socket head fasteners are used on the 'close' side everything will clear a 3" tall bumper. The hawse needs to be shaved to be 1.32" from the mounting hole to the surface that would be against the bumper to make this mounting style work. It is always an option to sleeve the bumper or cut an access hole for the mounting as an alternative for other bumper heights and shapes. The winch mounting plate makes an excellent template for this.

The 7th hole for the mounting of a normal hawse with 10" mounting spacing is cut square to allow the use of a 7/16" Carriage Bolt from the back side of the plate during assembly. This usually works better than trying to fit a nut on the back side in that tight space.

The lower guard provides protection for the drum of the winch and provides a ramp surface if you happen to get just the right size boulder shoved between the springs. The guard also adds significant rigidity to the lower portion of the winch mount. 

There are also 4 small brace tabs included to help reinforce the attachment of the corners to the top and bottom surface of the bumper.


Kit does NOT included a hawse or bumper.

Winch mounting hardware is not included.

This is a DIY U-weld kit

Ground Shipping is included in the price