Buick 225 Power Steering Pump Mount
Buick 225 Power Steering Pump Mount
Buick 225 Power Steering Pump Mount

Buick 225 Power Steering Pump Mount

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This CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum mount bolts to the drivers head providing a mount for a Type-II 'TC' style power steering pump.

-This bracket is slotted to allow for belt adjustment directly at the pump and also allow 30 degrees of pump rotation to help with packaging. 

-All threaded features for pump mounting use replaceable captured nut pockets on the back of the bracket to allow for easy replacement. No risk of stripping out threads in the bracket.

-The pump is positioned to use the 1st groove on the factory crank pulley when using pulley #48251 from Allstar Performance. The recommend Allstar pulley is a heavy offset 6" diameter unit to allow the pump to be as far away from the exhaust manifold as possible. The bracket can shaved down to be used with other pulley offsets and diameters.

-The flat head mounting bolt for the inside fastener on the head provides extra space for HEI style distributor timing adjustments.

-While any TC pump with 5/16 through holes will work with this bracket ( including remote reservoir units), I suggest using the Eddie Motorsports MS100-73M unit or similar (pictured above). This unit is completely new and comes with a compact attached reservoir including a dipstick cap and the return output faces the correct direction. This pump is also built to provide 1500psi and 3gpm. Other possible pump options include the following applications-

Jeep MJ 4.0L 88-89

GM LLV 87-93

GM 87-89 2.5L Astro or Safari

Cardone  2033776

BBB 73316113

UltraPower 2033776

Lares 12700

BBB 73311137

-These style pumps (listed above) typically have a M16 x 1.5 O-ring pressure output port and a 3/8" return hose male barb fitting. A Russel 648060 adapter will provide a -6 AN/JIC connection that makes a custom power steering hose very easy.

-Note- The feed line from your fuel pump to the carburetor may need rerouting to clear the power steering pump assembly.

-Hardware to mount the bracket to the head and the pump to the bracket is included in the purchase price

-USPS shipping is also included