Chain Nose for Tauler Jack
Chain Nose for Tauler Jack
Chain Nose for Tauler Jack
Chain Nose for Tauler Jack
Chain Nose for Tauler Jack
Chain Nose for Tauler Jack

Chain Nose for Tauler Jack

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Note: This is currently a batch one pre-order for the 2.25" version of this product. Batch one of the 2.25 Basic will ship mid-March. Batch one of the 2.25 complete will ship as soon after that as I receive the backorder shipment of the Datsun J-hooks. J-hooks are currently on backorder. 

This accessory nose for the Tauler Jack ( available separately here in kit form ) provides a replacement 'nose' which uses two legs of 5/16 chain to allow directly lifting from a wheel, geometric bumper, or a hundred uses we haven't dreamed up yet. 

This DIY U-weld kit is CNC laser cut from 1/4" HRPO mild steel. It is being offered in 'basic' laser part only version that only includes the parts you cannot buy off the shelf. You will need to provide all the additional hardware with this kit including the pin-bolt and clamping bolt similar to what was provided with your Tauler Jacker kit along with a section of 1/4" G70 chain and the ends of your choice. The 'Complete' kit includes a complete package of hardware including my preference in chain length, hooks, links, etc. See below for a breakdown of each kits contents. 


-This is a replacement nose only, this does not include the pin plate to form a functional Tauler Jack kit on it's own. This is intended as an accessory to the Tauler Jack. 

-Please pay special attention to the welding notes provided with the kit. It is critical the small tab of the chain slot be properly supported. 

-The 'Datsun' J-hooks provided with the complete kit are the best overall hook tested during development. These fit the largest variety of wheels possible, but there is still a chance that the hook could contact your brake caliper. Please check clearance before use. 

-The slots in the nose provide a link by link adjustment for each chain leg independently. Both legs should be used whenever possible. This is a jack. You are lifting heavy things. Please be careful. 

-The chain is trapped by the pin bolt during assembly to prevent the loss of the chain assembly along with providing another layer of redundancy if the chain link was to be pulled out of the locking groove. 

Hardware list - 

-1/2-20 x 1" Alloy Steel Socket Head Screw (McMaster 90128A840)

-1/2-20 Medium Strength Steel Nylon Insert Lock Nut (McMaster 95615A220)

-5/16-18 x 3.75" long partially threaded grade 8 unit only (McMaster 91257A599)

-5/16 Grade 8 flat washer

-Cam lock handle ( McMaster 2030N16 )

- 1/4" Grade 70 Chain, 3 feet

2 - Shackle, Chain, 5/16 Round Pin

2 - 'Datsun' Mini J-Hooks

Shipping. All versions include ground shipping, typically USPS flat rate priority.