Folding Handle for Tauler Jack

Folding Handle for Tauler Jack

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Note: The machined DOM steel adapter part is being made to order. I will be making a small run each week till I build up some stock or find another supplier for that part. This order will fill with up to a 7 day lag. 

Do you wish your Tauler Jack was 3" shorter on the crank handle side or maybe that the crank handle had a bit more leverage sometimes? This folding handle conversion for 1/2" diameter trailer jack crank handles is the answer to both those issues!

The base for this kit is the highest quality folding machine handle I could find. These are constructed at Morton Machine Works in Millersburg, Pennsylvania, USA. The handle is part number FH-70

That high quality $37(!) handle is attached to a custom machined DOM tube steel adapter that is to be welded to the stock 1/2" diameter factory crank lever. There is a ~2" counterbore to provide good alignment and maximum strength for the new handle. You can adjust the cut point to keep the stock geometry or make things slightly longer for more leverage.

Install Notes-

-The stock crank handle has to be cut off.

-The stock crank handle may be Zinc Coated. Make SURE to remove all coating before welding!

-Make sure to tighten the handle to the adapter using the wrench flats. There is very little risk of stripping the 1/2-13 threads, but please use good judgement. You want the handle torqued on in place before determining the welding 'clocking' position. I recommend using Loctite 242 for the final install

-Make sure to vertically align your handle prior to welding. The only way to adjust the clocking position of the handle once welded is install torque and/or shims. The threading to clocking position is not exactly the same between different units. If you need to replace your handle in the future you may need to shim it for clocking.

Kit includes-

Qty 1 - Morton Machine FH-70 crank handle, Black/Zinc

Qty 1 - Weld on DOM tube steel adapter

Ground shipping is included in the price.

Final Note- This is a new folding crank handle with more small moving parts than that stock system AND an additional welded joint. While I made every effort to find a very high quality industrial grade made in the USA handle, the stock system is still likely stronger! This is more of a convenience modification than anything. The reduction in 3" of width when storing the jack sure seems to make a big difference in where you can hide the Tauler Jack on a vehicle.